1996-2003 Coleman/Fleetwood Roof Seal - Plus Storage Bin Seal

Your Price: $184.99
Part Number:Coleman 96-03 Seal+Storage
41 Feet of Roof Seal to fit most 1996-2003 Coleman Fleetwood Popup trailers with ABS roofs.
Plus 15 Feet of Storage Bin Seal

Replacement for Coleman/Fleetwood Part numbers: 4753-8861 & 4716-2221
Fits on one piece ABS roofs on the roof edge.  If your seal slides into a track underneath the roof than you need the 2003 to 2010 version of the seal.

This is the gasket seal that goes between the roof and the body of the trailer.
It is PVC Trim reinforced internally with metal for strong grip and a bulb of EDPM sponge rubber.
1" Rubber Bulb.  Groove that attaches to roof is 5/16" wide x 9/16" deep

Resistance to:
Ozone - Excellent
Water Absorption - Excellent
Sunlight Aging - Excellent
Low Temperature - Good
Temperature Range -20 degrees F through 150 degrees F